Introducing New Product Categories to Give You a Great Shopping Experience

Today, we’re pleased to announce enhancements to how and what you shop and sell on 99grades. Before I dive into the details, let me start with a quick overview of our current product: BOOK. Like every business needs a start point, 99grades started with BOOKS product. We are selling all types of books like books for competitive and entrance exams, Autobiography, Hobby Books, School Education Books and almost every type of books. We not only have customers but we have sellers also who sell their products on our integrated marketplace.

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With time, 99grades has achieved success in delivering a remarkable shopping experience to the customers worldwide.  We have sold a record number of BOOKS worldwide in a short span of its launch.

99grades is now about to launch more categories to make E-shopping possible for customer across various products starting from Fashion to Gadgets and Home Improvement to Kitchen stuff. Like most shops, we love helping people shop more for something who wants to buy online. From now on, will be the shopping destination for shopaholic people across the globe.

You’ll now have different choices for products: Clothes and other Fashion stuff, Home & Kitchen, Home Improvement, Electronics and much more. Major Categories added are:

  • Fashion
  • Electronics
  • Home & Kitchen
  • Home Improvement
  • Stationary & Media

Moreover, Sell on 99grades is a sales channel for businesses willing to sell their products online on different marketplace. Our nationwide reach across different marketplaces would help you get massive buyers for your products.

Boost your Sales by selling on 99gardes – Single Integration Platform to sell on Many Marketplaces

Are you looking for the latest, widest and fastest growing e-commerce platform for selling your products? If so, 99grades calls you sell with them at ZERO cost.

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Why sell with us?

This blog address all retailers with these key reasons why you should list your products on 99grades marketplace:

  • Huge Customer Base: We have a large customer base from all over the world and our customer-base is only expanding day-by-day. So you don’t need to make a separate website and making marketing efforts for your business. List your product with us, get seen by our customers and enjoy our worldwide customer base.

1Credibility and Trust: 99grades is becoming trustworthy among customers because of providing reliable services and customer’s pleasant feedback. You will also enjoy our credibility and trust by listing your products with us.


  • Bring Recognition to Yourself: Selling with 99grades does not mean that you will not be able to make your name. We provide you opportunity to indirectly market yourself. We do it by mentioning seller’s name in product’s description.


  • FREE Listing: Above all, we offer you product listing absolutely fee. Whether you list a large number of products or a few products, whether you list products all at once or slowly according to your sale strategy, you will enjoy FREE Listing with us.


  • Market Awareness: By joining 99gardes marketplace, you can see watch your competitor’s activities. You can compare product prices, style of listing and descriptions, etc. This way, 99gardes helps you along with boosting your sales and leg up in market competition.


How “Sell Through 99gardes” Works?

Before you start selling on 99grades, make sure you have done some research about setting product price, listing format, and category. This will help you create a good listing for your item. Here are few easy steps for how selling with 99grades works:

  1. Upload your listing.
  2. Customers see your product.
  3. Customer places an order for your product.
  4. You Ship products to the customers.
  5. 99grades pays you!

So, things are crystal clear to you! If you want to be a part of 99grades, contact us and fill our online form: