Best combination of Study Material for Exams !

Exams are always challenging that some take as tension that must be passed on as soon as possible while some take as a goal and work hard to achieve it. Whatever perception people have about it, exams always cause little stress and serious atmosphere around.

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But if you have established a schedule, have a preparation plan and above all, you have complete as well as right study material, managing stress and cracking any type of exam becomes easier.

This exam season, brings you guidance on right study material from popular publisher/author for regular as well as competitive exams. Let’s read below:

Board Examinations: Board classes bring stress not only for students but also for parents. When it comes to board examinations, results totally depends upon your hard work. This is because you have limited syllabus to prepare and have to score good marks. The best combination of study material for preparing for school exam includes your notes composed in classroom + samples from previous year’s questions papers + Text books from top publishers like GK publications and Arihant publication.

College Examinations: College examinations bring sole impact only on students. In terms of syllabus and aim of scoring good marks, college examinations are similar to school exams. The only difference is level of stress and preparation. Since college studies are higher than grade school education, students have to work hard and give more time for preparations. Notes made in classroom and subject books by top publishers and authors like Tata McGraw Hills form the right combination of study material to prepare for college examinations.

Entrance Examinations: Thanks to entrance examinations that now student’s future does not solely depend upon their marks. In fact, Entrance test are the most transparent to judge students based on their channelized aptitude, logical and reasoning ability that have been the reasons behind success of many people till now.

The general rule for preparing for an entrance exam is start sooner under the right guidance. The IIT-JEE which is considered one of the toughest has students starting as early as class IX. For the medical entrance, CA CPT, and the various national law entrance exams, students start their preparations right from Class XI. BBA, hotel management, mass communication and some of the other such entrance exams are mostly aptitude based.

It means knowledge of subjects till class X is sufficient to do well in aptitude part in these entrance tests. Go through the textbooks that you have read till class X. For reasoning and logical ability part, there are many books from publishers like Arihant publisher who are popular countrywide for publishing latest study material for students preparing for entrance exams.

Competitive Exams: Competitive exams including SSC, UPSC, Banking exams are conducted throughout the year. In various contexts, competitive written exams may test candidates for reasoning ability, mathematical ability, reading and comprehension, writing ability, general knowledge of current events, current affairs knowledge about the job or qualification you are applying for or the fundamental skills on a particular subject. Later on, interviews are also conducted to personally check one’s talents and aspirations, or to check the ability to say something sensible about a controversial or complicated issue (monologue or group discussion). Practicing mock tests holds the key to success in all types of regular as well as mass examinations.

Good Luck for your Exams!



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