Guidance on Books & Syllabus for IIT JAM MCA 2015

IIT (Indian Institutes of Technology) are known for academic excellent and vibrant campus life. Every year, thousands of bright students struggle to get admission in IITs in various programs. Other main reason behind popularity of IIT is that world’s top employers organize campus placement programs for IITians because IITians are believed to be intelligent, tech-savvy and job-ready folks that every employer would love to hire.

IIT JAM (Indian Institute of Technology Joint Admission Test) MCA is a test joint admission for Master of Computer Application. It is conducted by IIT for the candidates holding bachelor degree and want admission in IIT for pursuing MCA.

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Here is detailed syllabus given below for preparation of IIT JAM MCA:

Tentative Exam Date: May, 2015

Mode of IIT JAM Exam 2015: IIT JAM is a Paper based exam.

Number of Questions and Time Duration: 100 questions with 3 hrs time duration. (300 marks)

IIT JAM MCA Syllabus:

IIT JAM Syllabus for Master of computer Applications test comprises of Mathematics, Computer awareness, General awareness and Analytical Ability.

Mathematics Syllabus

Algebra: Set theory and its simple applications Basic concepts of groups, fields and vector spaces.

Matrices: Rank of a matrix Existence and uniqueness of solution of a system of linear equations Eigenvalues and Eigen vectors Inverse of a matrix by elementary transformations.

Differential Calculus: Differentiation, Partial differentiation, Taylor series and approximate calculations. Maxima and minima of functions of one and two variables.

Integral Calculus: Single and multiple integration. Definite integrals, Change of order and change of variables, Applications to evaluation of area, surface and volume.

Differential Equations: First order differential equations, linear differential equations of higher order with constant coefficient.

Vector Algebra: Addition, subtraction, dot product, cross product, triple product and their applications.

Numerical Analysis: Solution of Non-linear equations using iterative methods. Interpolation (Lagrange’s formula and Newton’s formula for equidistant points. Numerical differentiation and integration (Trapezoidal and Simpson’s rules)

Probability: Basic concepts of probability theory. Binomial and Poisson distributions

Linear Programming: Formulation and its graphical solution for two variable problems

Computer Awareness

Elements of computers, Number systems, Basic electronic gates, Boolean algebra, Flip— Flops, Algorithmic approach to solve problems, Fundamentals of C language.

Analytical Ability and General Awareness

Simple questions will be asked to test the analytical ability and general awareness of candidates.

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